How to make friends:

Hello girls and boys! Welcome to Stephanie's Book Corner. I will be writing
you once a month with great tips for home school and play.
Let's start this month's column with winning ways to make friends. Invite
mom, dad an older sister or brother to read this with you. Maybe they can share
some of their experiences with you. First things first. I am your friend.
I always will be.

Winning Ways to Make friends:

1. Be yourself. No one wants a fake as a friend. Don't try to be like the
others. You are special and unique. Be yourself and allow people to get to
know you.

2. Be patient. There is no instant friendship. Find friends that you share
something in common such as:
How you get to school. If you ride the bus or walk to school, these are
excellent opportunities to talk to kids that you share something. Just think.
Something as simple as riding the bus or walking to school could be the
beginning of a great friendship.

3. Don't always go for the "cool" group. There are other groups that may be
just as cool and maybe even more fun.

4. Don't try too hard. Take it nice and slow. Take your time to find some
quality friends that really like you the same way you like them. Good
friends last longer.

Write me with topics you want to hear about. I may use your idea next time!
Good luck!