Stephanie Mara Dawson has had a passion for reading since childhood. She celebrates the power and joy of reading in this entertaining story for young readers. Having taught second grade in the Houston area for four years, Ms. Dawson expertly creates a reflective view of life through the eyes of a child. Carefully chosen characters mirror some of Ms. Dawson's elementary school experiences while in Gary, Indiana, her hometown. The strength of her work is fueled by the desire to write stories that encourage all readers to share her belief that happiness ultimately prevails despite life's obstacles.

      Ms. Dawson possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Lincoln University (Jefferson City, Missouri), where she was crowned Miss Lincoln University, and a Master of Public Administration from Texas Southern University, (Houston, TX). She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sority, Inc. In her spare time, the reading enthusiast enjoys family, friends, children, and working out.

     Ms. Dawson resides in a suburb of   Houston, TX  and lives with her border-collie, Misha.

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"We loved your presentation. The children were enthralled by your story and its main character. Oh so true to life!"

Chella Purcell
Special Education-Resource Teacher

"The personal connection created by the author made a book that most children can relate to on a personal level. I made text to self connections throughout the book as I listened to the reading. The author's enthusiasm as she read the book helped captivate my interest through the entire story. Watching the reaction of my child as she listened to the story, seeing her actually laughing at the humor, as well as thinking about the message being shared was great. I love sharing with my daughters books that help model the experiences of childhood and show realistic struggles that make them a little less painful."

Nina Holliday
ESL Specialist

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Stephanie Mara Dawson is the CEO of BOOK NOOK PRODUCTIONS. The goal of BOOK NOOK PRODUCTIONS is to inspire a love for reading and to promote literacy. Stephanie Mara Dawson fulfills this goal through writing, storytelling, and public speaking.