Original Screenplays Available by Patricia Gatto & John De Angelis

– A lonely boy learns to believe in himself with a little help from his imagination.

“Why do we always have to turn the other cheek? After all, the other kids are so mean; wouldn’t it be great to get even, just once?” young Milton wants to know.

Based on our original story, MILTON’S DILEMMA, this classic tale provides entertainment for the whole family. Follow Milton’s emotion struggle between right and wrong courtesy of an inspiring elf and a menacing gnome.

POSTAGE DUE – Two slackers die and are sent back to Earth as postmen to determine their fate.

In death slacker buddies Stan and Charlie face the biggest challenge of their lives. They have but one task to complete – deliver the mail. Sounds simple enough, but they didn’t count on the wacky residents of Cozy Corner. Stan and Charlie put a new spin on the phrase “going postal” and wind up delivering much more than the mail. Was it “postal intervention” or “divine intervention” that put the Cozy back in Cozy Corner?

CLUELESS @ 60 – Lucy and Ethel meet Thelma and Louise.

The demure and genteel Dolores Stanislowski, and the dark and vivacious Flo Jackson discover they have much more in common than their age, and a two bit con artist discovers just what happens when he tries to mess with a scorned woman.

Set in the South, this comedy who-dun-it delivers revenge served up with a side of Southern hospitality as Dolores and Flo go from clueless and bumbling to calculated and cunning in their quest to settle the score and learn to live at 60.

                                    Mario F. Domina
                                    President, Executive Producer
                                    MFD FILMS - INESCAPABLE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC
                                    Los Angeles, CA.

Tony Soprano meets the Goonies when Tony Rigatoni is banished to the suburbs of New Jersey by his senile boss. Rigatoni is forced to deal with his new neighbors, an eccentric group of lottery-winning factory workers, and adjust to life outside the "family".

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