Dear Educators and Administrators,

MILTON'S DILEMMA is not only an entertaining and inspiring book, but a wonderful tool for the school environment as well.

Please consider inviting Patti and Johnny to your school to help stop bullying, foster a safe and healthy learning environment, and celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of your students by empowering them with personal strength and confidence.

As the title of their program implies, Milton's Dilemma and the Consequences of Bullying (for grades K-6) teaches students to cope with and understanding the consequences of bullying. It also provides students with an outlet for self-expression while encouraging literacy and the pursuit of creative endeavors.

These authors, screenwriters and songwriters have a unique and exciting approach to their author visits. Each school will receive a lesson plan prior to the assembly to enhance the learning experience your students will have. The projects and worksheets in this package focus on kindness, friendship and individuality.

The live performance includes:

• An animated reading of MILTON'S DILEMMA
• Original songs
• Guitar playing
• An anti-bullying slideshow lesson
• Personal stories and experiences
• Audience participation

Their warmth, candor and enthusiasm will embrace your students and faculty. And their high-energy performances will leave a lasting impression. But Patti and Johnny don't just leave you when the presentation is over. They will continue to be available to your students through a new venture they created, AuthorPal, a modern-day version of a pen pal correspondence via e-mail. Truly, these children's advocates put their time where their heart is.

          "Often times, a child is alone in their suffering, simply too embarrassed to speak up. Sadly, there are also times when adults are too busy to listen. We want to be that extra pair of ears and open arms.
          We encourage students to turn to us whenever they need someone to talk to, most times, that's all a child needs – to know someone cares. However, if we receive correspondence of a more serious nature, we pick up the phone immediately and contact the school principal or guidance department for intervention."

                                                                                              – Patricia Gatto

To arrange an author visit at your school or community event, or learn more about their work to promote literacy and raise funds for children's charities, please contact Patti and Johnny at 570-857-0255 or pgatto@ptd.net


Full Day School Event (3 sessions)
- $750

Half Day School Event (2 sessions) - $500

Single Session - $250

Each visit will include a book sale and signing.

Fundraising opportunities are available to your school.

*Travel related expenses additional