Receives 5 Star Reviews and Endorsements !

Written by Patricia Gatto & John De Angelis
Illustrator by Kenneth Vincent
Hardcover 32 pages
Children's Picture Book, K-5th Grade
ISBN# 0-9651661-9-8

A Wonderful Story for Children Dealing with Bullies

A ten-year-old boy named Milton Hastings, Jr. moves to Smithville, a common occurrence for his military family. This move is without his father, who died a war-hero, and Milton struggles with the changes around him. Without friends, clumsy Milton becomes an easy target for the rich kid bullies at the school he attends.

The magic of a mischievous gnome named Duffy McDoogle guides Milton through a magical journey of right and wrong. A journey that allows Milton to choose his own path, to learn the consequences of revenge, how to make the right decisions, and what friendship really means.

MILTON'S DILEMMA is an enchanting story, wonderfully written by Patricia Gatto and John De Angelis. The beautiful illustrations of Kenneth Vincent are filled with rich color and detail. A lovely book for parents and teachers to share with their children, taking them on a journey of their own while teaching them how to listen to their heart. This is one any child is sure to enjoy!

P. Hunt
Graphic Designer and Freelance Writer
Amazon Reviewer


Insightful, Entertaining, and Important

Gatto and De Angelis' book and programs are insightful, entertaining, and important. Our children are precious and deserve the freedom to be themselves, to get an education without fear and to be safe. An anti-bullying program needs to be implemented wherever children and teens gather such as in schools; one of the largest places of offences.

Milton's Dilemma is recommended for those with children and/or who work with them. Children need adults who care about them no matter who they are, where they're from, or what they look or think like.

One of the most important topics for a book, or program, I've ever reviewed.

Christina Francine Whitcher
Midwest Book Review


Fantastic Book for Children about Bullying

MILTON'S DILEMMA is a fantastic book that will teach school-age children from kindergarten to sixth grade that bullying and revenge is unnecessary, and unkind. Milton is a character whom many children will identify with, as are his tormentors, Ralphie, Jimmy, and Tommy. Patricia Gatto and John De Angelis have put into words what most children experience everyday. While this will help children, this is also a fantastic book for parents to read as well, so as to see what their children may be going through, as well as to open up a floor for discussion about bullying, and the repercussions it carries along with it. Join Milton through his quest for friendship, self-acceptance, and consequences, as you will not be disappointed.

Erika Sorocco
Top 500 Reviewer


"MILTON'S DILEMMA so cleverly demonstrates to the child reader that they are uniquely special and that they MUST let their own personal beauty shine through. So often, children fail to recognize and embrace their own self-worth and personal talents. And after all, it is those vivid differences that make us truly unique and remarkable, and this world a better place in which to live."

Judge Marjorie O. Rendell
First Lady of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


"Milton’s Dilemma tugs at the heartstrings, invokes empathy, and allows the reader to come to their own conclusions without preaching. The brilliant prose and wonderful illustrations provide a unique opportunity to discuss the consequences of bullying and retaliation, and assist in further development of a child’s moral awareness. The authors have not only weaved an exciting and entertaining story, but have created a vehicle for educators and parents alike."

Robert S. Conquest, MSW
Certified Therapeutic School Social Worker